Guarantee is one of the things that can have a positive effect on attracting the opinion and trust of the customer. For this purpose, all products supplied by Avens scientific company have a Guarantee for a certain period. Also, in order to gain confidence and customer satisfaction, warranty and services are fully provided. These services include the following:


  • Free training and installation and how to use the sold equipment correctly.
  • Making phone calls on behalf of the company and solving installation and commissioning problems and training if the cases are superficial.
  • Sending a technical team to install, assemble and launch products that need to be installed or assembled.
  • Sending the technical team in case of problems to fix the defects and repair the products for free.
  • Sending the latest version of the catalog and company news and introducing new product designs for customers and other applicants.


The cases out of guarantee

in the following cases, the product (even during the product guarantee) is out of guarantee and it is not allowed to fix the defect under guarantee:


  • If the product has been installed or manipulated by various (unauthorized) repairmen.
  • If the product is damaged due to improper use by the customer.
  • If the damage is caused by the product transportation by the customer and after delivery.
  • If external factors cause damage to the product (such as electricity fluctuations, lightning, fire and decay due to water penetration, etc.)