Oil, gas and petrochemical

Since today, petroleum testing equipment is widely used in oil and gas and petrochemical laboratories; It is necessary for producers to get help from experienced and expert people in the selection and purchase of laboratory equipment.
Avens Scientific Company is also one of the best consulting and sales companies for oil quality control laboratory equipment in the UAE, where those interested can buy the best and most suitable oil, gas and petrochemical laboratory equipment and supplies while receiving advice.
The list of equipment we supply the customers of Oil , Gas , Petrochemical are as below:

Cloud & pour point
Sulfur Analyzer
Atomic Abortion
Octan Analyzer
Flash point
Titrator TAN& TBN
Karl Fischer
Oxidation Stability
Particle Analyzer
vapor pressure analyzer
Circulator Bath
UV VIS Spectrophotometer
Bitumen & Waxes tests
Lubricating greases tests