Paint & Resin

The paint and resin laboratory equipment and the investigated parameters of physical and chemical properties are very important in ensuring the quality and safety of paint and coating before application and its compliance with the technical specifications required for painting equipment and installations, especially in the quality of the final paint.

Therefore, having a paint laboratory with modern equipment is one of the most important needs of paint producers and consumers.

Generally, coating (paint) in facilities and industries is considered from two aspects of decoration and corrosion resistance. In order to protect the surfaces of electrical industry equipment in different physical, mechanical and environmental conditions, various types of paint and coating are used.

Considering the importance of color and coating and the high costs of dyeing, it is necessary to control the technical specifications and quality of colors.

To consultant and choose the best equip our company, Avens Scientific Company, will stay with from start to end.

The equipment used in this industry is as follow:

  • Spectrophotometer (Colorimeter)
  • Salt Spray Chamber
  • Lab Oven
  • Humidity chamber
  • Paint Scratch Hardness Tester
  • Coating Thickness Tester
  • Viscosity Apparatus
  • Water Bath
  • Gloss Tester
  • Color matching Cabinet
  • Impact Tester
  • Hardness Tester
  • Viscosity cup